Blog Bitt and ebpSource Announce Global Commercial Partnership

Bitt and ebpSource Announce Global Commercial Partnership

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Bridgetown, BARBADOS and London, UK: 25th November 2020
Bitt Inc. and ebpSource announce a global partnership that will provide new and respective existing clients with a combined set of complementary value-added technologies that cover all aspects of digital currency, digital mobile wallets, high-volume digitised messaging, electronic billing and payment. The commercial partnership will see both organisations seek out new global opportunities for their innovative technologies, across all territories.

“The emergence of new centralised digital channels and digital payment services continues to change and shape the banking and financial landscape. These innovations will remove social inclusion barriers and obstacles to economic growth,” said Brian Popelka, CEO, Bitt. “ebpSource and Bitt are very much at the forefront of these digital billing and payment fields. The fact that we have seen a successful integration of our respective technologies, to bring new financial services to market, shows what can be achieved already, at a territory-wide level”.

Speeding Up Centralised Digital Initiatives

“We are extremely pleased to have entered into this commercial partnership which, along with the cultural fit between our teams, brings together the market leadership and delivery capabilities of our respective organisations, providing customers with real-world solutions, to an ever-evolving digital landscape,”

said Steve Wright, COO at ebpSource.

Barbados-based Bitt Inc. is a global pioneer in the emerging field of central bank digital currency, financial institution digital cash and mobile digital wallets, and UK-based ebpSource, a global innovator in the field of centralised, high-adoption digital messaging, digital bill presentation and payment.

Both organisations boast world-leading technologies and delivery excellence to support the centralisation of new digital financial services, for new and existing banks, via central bank and government-backed digital initiatives.

Powering Financial Inclusion and Digitisation for Economic Growth

Both Bitt Inc. and ebpSource have a strategic focus on creating new digital transaction infrastructures and payment systems that promote social inclusion, financial empowerment and economic growth for current and future generations.

About ebpSource
The most experienced team in the international e-billing and payment industry, ebpSource delivers software solutions, consultancy and support to global financial services, payment processors, telecoms, utility, postal and outsourced service providers. The team has unparalleled knowledge in the establishment of high-adoption digital infrastructures and supports some of the largest and most prestigious services of this kind worldwide. For more information on ebpSource, visit

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