Blog Bitt is pleased to invite you to browse our revamped principal website

Bitt is pleased to invite you to browse our revamped principal website

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The new simplified website immediately invites you to explore the four stacks of financial technology (fintech) solutions that target

Minimalism became integral in communicating complexity to the end user. Hence the use of lines, shapes and our monochromatic colour palette.

Our visual language comprises of circles (dots), lines and organic shapes. These all flow into each other to simply illustrate process and,ultimately, connection.

A header banner on the homepage highlights that the Barbados-based blockchain experts are the first in the world to use that technology and
distributed ledger to facilitate the issuance of digital fiat currency or central bank digital currency (CBDC), to create a full digital payments ecosystem to boost financial inclusion and improve the securityand efficiency of financial transactions.

Bitt’s in-house team of Identity Designer, Rodney Aarons-Massiah, and UXDesigner/ Developer, Stephenio Abbott, respectively collaborated to produce the website’s aesthetics and user experience.

The updated menu reveals the company’s policies on Privacy, KYC & AML, Security, and Verification Requirements. Information about Bitt’s vision, mission, leadership and public relations supplement the link for Investor Relations.

A fixed social media menu (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube), and a day/night mode toggle were introduced to the layout.

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