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Bitt’s New Website is Live!

Bitt New Website landing Section Screenshot

Global fintech company, Bitt, has rolled out its new website. The new look, content and success stories firmly establishes Bitt as a leader in digital currencies.

Sleek updates to the previous website provide a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for potential partners and the media, while inviting central banks, governments and financial institutions to ‘harness the power of digital currency’.

Decision-makers within these organizations can review Bitt’s CBDC and stablecoin solutions and choose to connect with an executive to discuss and explore which Bitt product(s) is most relevant for their specific mandates.

The ‘Products’ pages showcase the various components of Bitt’s award-winning, customizable Digital Currency Management System to these relevant entities:

With team members based in many different countries, Bitt always facilitated remote working for all its employees. The diverse ethnicities and nationalities of Bitt’s staff complement is featured throughout the ‘company’ pages, especially by the profiles of the expanded executive and management teams.

Bitt’s new board of directors brings a wealth of global executive experience to the company. Among them is former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Institutions, Christopher Campbell. A financial services expert with a specialization in guiding financial institutions and central banks around the world to develop and implement solutions to their specific challenges, Chris was unanimously confirmed by the US Senate to serve from 2017 to 2018.

Campbell’s expertise provides a unique perspective on the future of digital currencies and stablecoins, especially in the US. On October 27th, Campbell will be joined by two of Bitt’s executives, Simon Chantry, Co-Founder and CIO, and Imran Khan, EVP, Partnerships, to discuss the digital currency and regulatory options for US financial institutions. Register here to join the discussion.

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